Keynote Speakers

We are proudly announcing that Professor Susan Ackerman at the UCSD/HMMI to attend our 11th AARS meeting as Keynote Speaker.

The Ackerman Lab works to identify the genes, pathways and networks involved in the development of the central nervous system and the age-related death of neurons. Using forward genetics, the Ackerman Lab has identified genes that govern proper axonal guidance and neuronal migration. The Ackerman lab has also discovered novel mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration using this same approach. The Ackerman lab uses a combination of genetic, cell biological and genomic approaches to investigate the molecular and cellular events that link these mutations to the corresponding phenotype.

Susan L. Ackerman is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI) investigator

To learn more about the Ackerman laboratory research, please visit the Ackerman lab page.