Keynote Speakers

We are proudly announcing that Professor Dieter Söll at the Yale University to attend our 11th AARS meeting as Keynote Speaker. 

Dr. Dieter Söll is the Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and Professor of Chemistry

Research in the Söll laboratory covers a broad range of topics unified by a single problem – evolution of the genetic code. We explore the genetic code translation in a wide range of living species. Through genetics, biochemistry, structural analysis, and molecular biology, the Söll laboratory is studying bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic systems to uncover new strategies of genetic code expression. The Söll laboratory extensively uses this knowledge to develop new tools for synthetic biology and extend the chemistry of living systems by enabling robust and efficient genetic encoding of unnatural amino acids and amino acid-like molecules in a test tube and in a living cell.

To learn more about the Söll laboratory research, please visit the Söll lab page.